Are you a high-performing entrepreneur
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Most people believe they’re fully accountable in their actions, but in reality, most aren’t, and some far from it. ‘The Accountability Scorecard’ compares you with other ambitious people to reveal the truth. Are you truly accountable?

"The Accountability Scorecard" takes less than 5-minutes to complete. 
You will get a detailed and personalised report outlining what you can do to be truly accountable.

Accountability is a superpower. 

Use it to smash your goals and fulfil the commitments you've made to others,
and to yourself. 

You can’t buy happiness, 
but getting stuff done is pretty much the same thing.
- Darren Finkelstein "The Accountability Guy"

Here are just a few of the many clients we've helped to achieve full accountability:

‘Darren goes way above and beyond like no other. He is the best in the business and gives me the confidence and belief to grow and think bigger. One of the best business decisions I have made. No regrets, just big audacious goals that are getting ticked!

Mel Hird – Melinda Hird Photography (NSW)

‘Excellent program. Darren provides just the right amount of encouragement and gentle persuasion. Great to get insights from a successful businessperson. He's really transformed our business.’

Michael Hanrahan and Anna Clemann – Publish Central (Vic)

‘We get absolute clarity at a wonderful, solid pace. Darren's got a wealth of knowledge that he shares during each session. Our business benefits from Darren holding us accountable, which is so important to growing our business.’

Dr Shereen Lim
Dr Alex Delleverez - Sparkle Dental (WA)

‘We love the clarity that Darren brings to our sessions. He keeps our team laser-focused on what needs to be done, and when it's due. This ensures our team is fully accountable.’

Kezia and Mark Parmley - Focus Martial Arts (QLD)

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You'll be scored on the following steps necessary for the road to accountability.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is fundamental on our road to accountability, because it helps us decide and focus on what is truly important. Successful goal setting lets you gauge progress, overcome procrastination, and conquer the feeling of being overwhelmed. It clears the way for you to visualise your dreams.

If you don’t know what you want to achieve, you won’t know the outcome you’re aiming for. This makes it difficult to create a plan to actually get you there. Goal setting is the tool pushing you towards the outcomes you would like to attain. Goal setting also keeps you accountable, and by holding you to account, ensures you stay on track to achieve exactly what you’ve set out to accomplish. The probability of achieving your goals will increase massively if you get this stage right on the road to accountability.


When in the process of setting goals, planning is often overlooked. We become so focused on results we forget to plan all the steps required along the way. By writing out the individual steps and then ticking each one off as they’re completed, you’ll realise you’re making progress towards your ultimate goal.

This is especially crucial when the goal is significant, demanding, or a long-term objective. You'll increase the probability of achieving your goals if you get this stage right along the road to accountability.


Without clear priorities it’s often far too complex to manage your time and make progress towards achieving goals, because you won’t know what to choose to do first. Increase the probability of achieving your goals by getting this stage right along the road to accountability.


To implement means to begin, put into action, set on, or start a course of action. Increase the probability of achieving your goals by getting this stage nailed along the road to accountability. In this stage we look at your ability to, ‘do the things you say you’re going to do’, and how to persuade your team to do the same.


To execute means to perform or accomplish an assigned task right through to completion. This is ultimately what we need to do to ensure we become truly accountable. Increase the probability of achieving your goals by getting this stage right along the road to accountability.

Review Process

Once we’ve set ourselves targets, it’s vital we review them on a regular basis to make sure we stay on track. How regularly would best suit top performers? Is it daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually?

Increase the probability of achieving your goals by getting this stage right along the road to accountability.

(In case smashing your goals
like pinatas with a cricket bat isn't enough!)

1. Are you working hard, but still not achieving your goals?

2. Are you feeling so overwhelmed, it’s overwhelming?

3. Do you need direction on how to move your business to the next stage?

4. If you’re a high performer, would you like to ‘juggle more balls in the air’ to become even more successful?

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About Darren Finkelstein
'The Accountability Guy' ®

Darren collaborates with high-performing teams and individuals to help them get results, achieve their wildest dreams, and smash their goals. He does this by leveraging over 30 years of experience working in the corporate world and small business.

A successful business owner, Darren won the Australian Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Dent Global after building a thriving lifestyle business, which was sold and exited after 15 years.

Darren also worked for over 10 years at Apple Inc. as ‘Manager of Commercial Markets’ during the inspirational Steve Jobs era. While there he was awarded the prestigious Golden Apple Award.

Darren’s lessons in accountability are able to help leaders and teams at all levels of an organisation and are based on workable actions and proven results.

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